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My Services, Work Stages, Products, Standard Terms & Conditions

Services are tailored to suit each project requirement. Fees are agreed before work starts, and I will seek your permission before commencing each work stage. Where the the scope of work and schedule is not fully defined, then hourly or day rates are applied with your agreement.

Work Stages

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Initial Pre-design consultation to establish professional services required. Submission of a fee proposal describing architectural services required. Subsequently after acceptance of my terms and conditions and appointment a further consultation with the client owner to establish a basic client brief.
Initial Advice
Post appointment, architectural advice on the planning of your project, design, approvals and building works; and, if required the appointment by the client owner / self -builder of other designers necessary to carry out building works.
Sketch Plan
Design through sketches and 3D graphic visuals, turning your requirements into conceptual ideas & solutions.
Planning Permission Drawings
1:100 scale plans, sections and elevations drawings to illustrate your requirements prepared for submission to the local planning authority.
Building Regulations Drawings & Specifications
1:50 scale plans, sections and elevations drawings with basic outline specifications prepared for obtaining Building Regulations Plans Approval. This level of detail is usually adequate for the self-builder client to establish with the builders an estimated pricing of builder’s base building costs. Further design information is necessary to establish the final cost of building works including fittings, finishes, electrical, heating and external landscape; and the like. A Full NBS type specification may be required for larger construction works.
Project Management
Further optional services as may be required and provided directly on behalf of the client, or to support the client self-builder, by: programme planning; tender documents; contracts; construction drawings; performance monitoring and reporting; investigation of the causes of delay; contract administration; completion certificates.


According to the particular defined needs of your project you can expect some or all of these items produced by me…

  • Applications (Town Planning & Building Regulations)
  • Client Brief
  • Condition Reports
  • Contract Documents
  • Drawings
  • Expert Report
  • Feasibility Study Report
  • Progress Reports
  • Project Plan
  • Schedules & Programme
  • Sketches
  • Specifications
  • Surveys
  • Tender Documents
  • Workplace Space Plan

Standard Terms & Conditions

Acceptance: The proposal is open for acceptance by Letter of Acceptance within 30 days.

Communications: As the client, you are the Applicant and I am the Agent acting on your behalf. Communications from/to the council come through me.

Other consultants & designers: I will advise you when required the client’s direct appointment of others to provide additional services required to complete the design. I will need to agree with you about the timing of their work. These appointments could include, but are not limited to: building cost advisor; civil/structural engineer; building services engineer; environmental consultants for SAP, EPC energy management, arboriculture (inc., tree surveys), ecology and wildlife, structural and asbestos surveys, etc; site topography and levels; structural surveys; landscape designers; Party Wall etc Act 1996 Agreement and surveyor; Interior designers. Kitchen and bathroom design is by a specialist employed by the client. Physical models and preparation of 3D images for marketing is excluded from this proposal.
Your attention is drawn to client responsibility in CDM Regulations currently in force and appointment of Principle Contractor and /or Principle Designer where multiple contractor trades are operating. In most cases, household extensions will require you to require the builder to act as Principle Contractor.

Local Authority fees & charges: As the client (and Applicant) you are responsible for all fees and charges relating to deposit of applications with the local authority and any fees for inspection of building work, including any Build-Over Sewer agreement required by the Water utility company.

Payment is due within 7 days from receipt of my invoice. Thereafter I am entitled to charge interest on any amount outstanding. The goods remain the property of DFPM Architecture Ltd until the invoice is settled in full.

Cancellation: At any time you may cancel my work without obligation, save for payment of time expended up to cancellation.

Design: My work is based on notes, dimensions taken and observations during visits to the property, and any technical information you are able to provide at the commencement of my work. I do not survey land (topography) the property or open up concealed finishes, structure or below ground. An assumption is made that the existing property complies with relevant standards, codes and regulations for buildings.

Copyright & Use of Documents: The drawings, specifications and other documents prepared by DFPM Architecture Ltd and its consultants for this project are instruments for use solely with respect to the project. DFPM Architecture Ltd shall be deemed to be the author of these documents and shall retain all common laws, statutory and other rights reserved, including copyright.

Electronic CADD Files: Unless otherwise provided as a condition of this Agreement, electronic CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) files, tapes, discs, and similar items remain the property of DFPM Architecture Ltd.

Re-working due to authorised changes: Should it become necessary to re-work design, drawings and documents after a work stage is completed, I shall be entitled to reasonable payment for my time and costs. When this arises I will seek your agreement in writing before continuing and, where I cannot reasonably establish a lump sum for changes my current hourly rate will apply.

Printing: My assumption is that electronic PDF copies are sufficient. Paper prints are charged at cost.

Publicity: The client permits the publishing of designs and completed works on the portfolio pages of DFPM Architecture Ltd’s website.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Aqueous Management Limited [AqML], of Marlow House, 1a Lloyd’s Avenue, London, EC3N 3AA, United Kingdom. Policy Number AQS00115818. Limit of Indemnity GBP 1,000,000 any one claim. My Pre-Planning Permission design is further limited up to the value of our agreed fee proposal.